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ACP-GPN meetings feature speakers who are experts in their area of career development practice.  See below for past topics and speakers.  Upcoming events are on the Events page.

Coaching Creative People
November 8, 2018

  • What approaches work when providing career coaching to creative people?
  • What are the differences in coaching creative people vs. those seeking more traditional positions?
  • How can career coaches better understand the creative process and support their clients?
  • What kinds of careers do we see creative students and adult clients pursue?
  • What are the hurdles to success - both financially and intrinsically - for those pursuing jobs in the arts?
  • Ed Hunter, principal of Life In Progress Coaching and former Director of Career Services at the Art Institute of Philadelphia
  • Elisa Seeherman, Director of Career Services at University of the Arts
  • Charna Flanzer, Independent Artist and Career Coach
  • Lesley Katz, Accounting/Financial Advisor

Body Language Tools ​to Help Your Clients Nail their Next Interview!
May 11, 2018

Shelley O'Donovan

Did you know that 60–93% of information is communicated non-verbally? Think about all the effort we spend on words we’re delivering and yet we are totally unaware of messages our body is screaming.

Shelly O’Donovan shared with us how she works with clients to be aware of those messages so that they can illuminate their message to help master their interviews. Most people are missing out on the nonverbal behind the verbal but have the ability to revolutionize the way they present themselves. Shelly is passionate about helping everyone discover their inner superpower through understanding the fascinating science of body language and interpersonal skills. She will provide insights into how body language can provide increased levels of confidence in our clients and optimize their first impression to build rapport with hiring managers.

Shelly O’Donovan is a healthcare executive with over a decade of experience in the corporate world. She gathered expertise in government relations, public policy, lobbying  and advocacy engagement. She has led many matrix teams at GlaxoSmithKline, the University of Pennsylvania Health System, and in state government - all positioning her well to understand team dynamics. After becoming hooked on the impact of body language, Shelly decided to refocus her career to train others about this secret weapon!

She completed a rigorous process -- through the Science of People, a leading behavior research lab -- to be certified as a body language trainer, corporate speaker, and executive coach. She and her company, Illuminate the Message, LLC, help teams learn to use body language to increase effectiveness in sales, negotiations, communication, and inter-office relationships. Shelly has an MPA from the University of Pennsylvania, a Marketing Management certification from the Wharton School (of UPENN), and a BA in political science from Millersville University.

​March 9, 2018

Nancy Brout

Nancy Brout brought an important perspective to the job search process based on her entire career, and her own experience of losing her position of 20 years and having to begin anew. Her journey led her to write a book about her experiences - a memoir and guide that is both inspirational and practical - in which Nancy offers job seekers and career coaches some uncommon and controversial thoughts on what it takes to land our dream jobs.

Nancy Brout, Principal at WordsPerfected LLC, is author of Losing Your Job & FINDING YOURSELF: Memoir, Myths, and Methods for Inventive Career Transitions.

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